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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Enforcement Works!

Source: Nashville City Paper

In fact it always works, every single time, without fail...
Hispanic DUIs, gang crime down in 287(g)-equipped Charlotte

In the seven-month period following the implementation of its 287(g) immigration enforcement program, Charlotte, N.C. saw significant decreases in the number of Hispanics arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI), the total number of DUI-related arrests among Hispanic persons and the amount of Hispanic gang-related crime, law enforcement personnel there said.

And with the launch of Nashville’s version of 287(g) – a program where local law enforcement officials run immigration checks on every foreign-born person booked into their jail – mere days away, Nashville’s own law enforcement community is hopeful that those decreases can be repeated here.

In its quest to become the latest American city to take advantage of a little-used federal program to identify illegal aliens and enforce federal immigration laws locally, Nashville based its 287(g) program almost entirely after the one implemented by Mecklenburg County (Charlotte) Sheriff Jim Pendergraph.

Although Charlotte has a smaller Hispanic immigrant community than Nashville, the immediate results of its 287(g) program have been statistically substantial.

In the program’s first nine months, Charlotte’s specially trained sheriffs identified 1,520 arrestees as having entered the country illegally.

All were marked for deportation back to one of the 31 different countries — mostly Central and South American — from which those 1,520 individuals came, Mecklenburg County Sheriff Jim Pendergraph told WFAE (Charlotte) talk radio last month.

And a full 20 percent of the foreign-born persons who were brought into the jail and subsequently identified though 287(g) had been arrested for drunken driving, Pendergraph said.

At the same time, a statistical analysis by the Sheriff’s Office shows that the number of Hispanic-related DUI incidents and arrests fell sharply in the months following the beginning of 287(g)……
All we have to do to stop the invasion is enforce the law and allow cops to do their jobs. That's it, no more -- no less.

H/T immigration watchdog

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