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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Reason #3,916 to Boycott BOA

Two of the nine suspected illegal immigrants detained Monday when they arrived for work at Hotel Bethlehem had criminal records, District Attorney John Morganelli said Tuesday.


The illegal immigrants -- seven from Bolivia, one from El Salvador and one from Guatemala -- were working for a subcontractor putting up drywall at the hotel. Morganelli received a complaint that led to the investigation and apprehension of the nine men.

Morganelli said two of the men were able to get Bank of America credit cards under a new program where the bank does not require social security numbers or a credit history to open an account.

The cards listed the men's names with additional last names.

"Obviously they're not doing a good job identifying their customers," Morganelli said.
Well, isn't that just great. Extending lines of credit to people who aren't supposed to work or even be here. Sounds suspiciously like aiding and abetting to me. Which is why we -- along with plenty of other patriots -- are boycotting the traitorous corporation known as Bank of America.

Or, as we prefer to call 'em around here...

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