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Monday, May 08, 2006

Nazi Support? Thanks, But No Thanks.

Brown-shirted, swastika-flying stormtroopers of the National Socialist Movement's "Nazi Juggernaut" will march through the streets of Chicago to demand the jailing of the city's criminal black population and the deportation of its criminal Latino population in late June or early July, our Commander Jeff Schoep announced today.

"When we saw a handful of black criminals and illegal aliens attack elderly white citizens at the Logan Square Church Thursday, we realized Chicago is a city with problems we need to address," National Socialist Movement Spokesman Bill White stated, "We are tired of Jewish-Bolshevik gangsters using non- whites to suppress the rights of white citizens, and we are coming to Chicago to stand up to them."
Yeah, this is help we DON'T need...or want. Read the whole press release here. For background on events at the Logan Square church (including me being menaced by a mob of protesters), watch Jake's video at, and read my post with pics here.

I'm going on the record right here and now, Monday, May 8, 2006, to anyone who will listen to me.

I am not a racist and do not condone racism. It is a toxic acid that eats away at the human race.

When and if the Nazis show up in stormtrooper gear to march the streets of Chicago, they will NOT represent me in any way, shape, or form. They may say they are doing so in support of the Minutemen, or even me, personally -- that does not mean that I asked them to, have any affiliation with them, or have ever even spoken with them.

Phew. I got that off my chest. In the public realm. Digitally date-stamped and everything.

Now if only the media would stop spinning the story, someone might actually believe me.


A couple of minutes after MJ posted, this comment showed up in the hopper...

I don't think you understand:

We are supporting white working people, not you scumbag race-mixing anti-white Minutemen.
Bill White | Homepage | 05.08.06 - 11:41 am | #

Bill White heads the group that issued the press release, so somebodies watching for his name to pop up. If you follow the Haloscan link you can read MJ's scathing response.

Jake's take? How nice, a group of white supremacist socialists are going to save us from a rabid group of anarcho/ socialists! I'm sure this could be more absurd, just hard to imagine how. Oh, and I think these white supremacist asshats need to get their glasses checked if they think my wife, the Baldchick is "elderly."

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