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Sunday, May 07, 2006

I Have Seen The Error Of My Ways!

This young lady, excuse me, I seem to be tearing up, this young lady has written a piece so eloquent, so devastating, her logic is so very cogent that I must simply renounce all that came before and turn over a new leaf...
The good thing about illegal imagrants in america is that they are not here to take anything away from americans. Bush has made it so hard for anyone to get citizenship that there are plenty of good people in america that simply are married to an american but can't get the right paper work due to the ignorance of a country that refuses to even provide information. You are given one number then another and another to call for information on how to become legal or you pay lawyers money to hear them tell you that the imagration process in america can take up to 10 years or more to go through and you have to wait it out. No one gives illegal immigrants a simple way to go about doing this the way they should be done. America is a selfish country that thinks that they are beyond others and everyone is out to get them. They are unhospitalable to others from another country because they are scared that there jobs might be taken away. Most of the illegal immagrants are simply a victom of circumstance because of ignorance, they want nothing more then to work hard and provide for thier families or are here because they fell in love with someone here. What is so wrong with that? If americans worked a little harder and were a little moe hospitable then they wouldn't have to worry. they worry only because they know that they are not doing good enough and that someone else might simply because they believe in working hard for what they have and don't expect it to be given to them. They work mainly crap jobs that americans feel they are too good to work, they pay taxes when they buy things, they donate to charities, they care that is the good thing about them.
Well there you have it! Tomorrow this blog will open for business with a brand new name -- "Amnesty Folks" -- I'm excited, this changes everything.

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