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Friday, May 05, 2006

When Smart People...

Hitler Rose and Hitler Fell!
Racist Minutemen go to Hell!

That was the chant/rant at this evening’s gathering at the Fourth Congregational Church located 2625 N. Talman Ave., Chicago, IL

What was supposed to be a Forum/Debate described by Pastor Dan Wood as “an unprecedented open forum and debate at our Church between two totally opposite views.” degenerated quickly into anarchy.

One view was heard before the people in attendance were asked to leave the church. That was the view of the people shouting and screaming while stomping their feet in protest against The Minuteman attendees and speaker Rosanna Pulido.

The Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights apparently cancelled their participation at the last minute. The representative from that organization, Gabe Gonzalez failed to follow through with his commitment to participate.

A decision was made to call upon Rosanna to answer ten questions that were to be presented to her by the moderator. Once Rosanna answered a question, people in the audience were invited to respond or question her regarding her answers to the ten questions.

Pastor Wood explained the change of plans. He told us to remember that we were in a church and to be respectful of it and each other. He then asked everyone to please rise and sing The National Anthem. Everyone did. He then gave the microphone to another pastor to say a prayer. That gentleman asked the crowd to be mindful that we were in a church and to act accordingly. He was about to begin the prayer when the chanting/ranting, and stomping started.

After several minutes of the anti-minuteman mode of conduct, immigration activist, Niurus Ramos, took the microphone and attempted, by yelling at the top of her voice, to be heard by crowd. She was making an effort to tell them to stop what they were doing and participate productively in what was left of the so-called Forum/Debate. She was not the least bit successful in her endeavors to calm her group down or to restore any semblance of order to the out-of-control situation.

The behavior of the Anti-Minuteman people (if that is what I am to call them, maybe some of the are members of The Anti-Minutemen Five organization) was shocking. The look in their eyes was one of pure hatred as they carried on and on and on.

After what seemed like a long time to allow them to continue with their inappropriate actions and rhetoric, the event was cancelled and everyone was asked to leave the church.

Those of us who want to see the invasion of our country stopped, and stopped now, have stepped forward to influence others to do the same.

As Illinois Minuteman Project members “We will display the highest level of restraint, thus proving we are responsible citizens and that our character is consistent with our ability to stay within the boundaries of the law.”

This is how I saw it and how I feel about it now. Those that say "Por La Raza todos, y por los otros, nada." are the real racists.
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