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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Mexitude, Texas Style

I'm not a baseball fan, but several readers wrote in about the Yankees-Rangers game last night.

A sample:

Reader K...

Michelle, did you happen to see last night's Texas Rangers NY Yankees baseball game? The Rangers uniforms were changed to read "LOS Rangers." I guess this was done for that great American holiday, 5th of May. What an insult to the Texas Rangers.
Read it all over at Michelle Malkin's place.

If you don't know/need a refresher course on what Mexitude is, read my initial post coining the term here.

Reader K gets it just right: it's an insult to the Texas Rangers.

Another of Michelle Malkin's readers makes this amusing suggestion...

Reader Bill writes:

If the Rangers organization REALLY wanted to kowtow to their Mexican-American and Mexican illegal audience, they should have put “Los Rinches” on their uniforms. That is the Mexican slang used to put down the Texas Rangers, sort of like calling them "pigs".
I wish that one...just ONE...of the Texas Rangers had refused to wear a "Los Rangers" uniform. I guess playing professional baseball and having a set don't necessarily go hand in hand.

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