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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Quote of the Day

"We're very much in favor of legal immigration,'' Srivastava said. "We know people who have waited years and years to come here legally. This whole situation of people flouting the law and claiming rights . . . is a gross abuse of the willingness of this nation to assimilate people from various parts of the world."
Well said, Mr. Srivastava! America is a country that opens her arms to people from all walks of life, from every ethnic, racial, and national background. We welcome those who respect our laws in coming here, because it indicates they just might respect our laws after they get here, too. We love the stew of our American culture, and it only becomes richer when people come here legally, adding their own native culture to the melting pot. But assimilation is, indeed, key.

Rajat Srivastava, 45, a high-tech engineer from Saratoga, joined the demonstration with his wife Ratna and daughters Sarika, 11, and Simi, 8. It was a first for all of them.

But Srivastava explained that after immigrating legally from India on a work visa in the mid-1980s and waiting some 15 years before being naturalized in 2000, he was offended that others who cheated the system were rallying to demand rights.
Read more about the Santa Clara, CA, protest here.

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