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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Made Me Laugh!

Okay, so you probably recall this from a posting yesterday...
The question of whether or not the Minutemen are racists isnt even up for debate. The membership of National Alliance members (the largest neo-nazi organization in the U.S.) is well documented. And even if you want to argue the authenticity of that documentation, the very fact that white supremacists are flocking to the Minutemen suggests that thier ideologies are more similar than not.
K? So it is beyond argument that the Minutemen are racists and "Neo-Nazi's" are flocking to their banner? Care to take a guess who doesn't support the Minutemen? How about Bill White, spokeshole for the National Socialist movement who left this in our comment section...
I don't think you understand: We are supporting white working people, not you scumbag race-mixing anti-white Minutemen.
Yeah! Such support, you can almost feel the love!

How about the KKK/ Surely they support the Minutemen, right?
Just to set the record straight, we the White Legion Knights of the KU KLUX KLAN had no intent to support the Minuteman Project, here or anywhere.
Heh! For something that is a settled question there sure seem to be a lot of questions, no?

If the Nazi's and the KKK are willing to say they don't support the Minutemen because they aren't a white supremacist organization?

Why not believe them?

As we said a while ago...


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