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Monday, April 09, 2007

History: Just A Dab'll Do Ya!

Source: immigration news daily
Excerpt from the Yale Review [Volume 49, Issue 224, November 1888] Honest, we did not make up the last paragraph!

Nevertheless, it may be well to note, in passing, that by the census of 1880, the population of the United States consisted of 43,475,840 natives, and 6,679,943 persons of foreign birth, making a total of 50,155,783. But while the native population was more than six and one-half times that of the alien-born, the proportion of insane was 26,346 of foreign-born to 65,651 of native-birth, making a total of 91,997. Of 67,067 paupers, 44,106 were natives, and 22,961 were of foreign birth; and of 59,255 prisoners, 12,917 were immigrants; and 46,338 were natives. (Compeud. Tenth Census, pp. 1671, 1675, 16Th.)

Thus, less than one-sixth of the population furnished nearly a third of the insane, more than half of the paupers, and nearly a fourth of those committed to prison. We do not object to foreigners as such, but we insist that the ratio of good and useful members of society, to those who are otherwise, should be increased.

There surely cannot be at this time any need of argument to show that the acknowledged evil of unworthy immigration ought to be, as far as practicable, restricted and decreased, if it cannot be wholly prohibited and removed. On this point also, the American people have reached a conclusion.

Reform and Enforcement of the naturalization laws has at last become a living question in American politics. It commands the attention of the country, and will not disappear till satisfactory results shall have been accomplished. Political leaders will do well to heed the signs of the times. Small and distant as the cloud on the horizon now appears, it carries the thunder-bolts of a great public indignation, and if crimes against citizenship shall not be diligently suppressed, the cloud will finally become a tempest and purify the political air.

The laws must be obeyed. Those who willfully violate them must be punished. Good citizens must be protected. The next war-cry of the American people will be THE ENFORCEMENT OF THE LAWS!
There really is nothing new under the sun! :)

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