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Saturday, April 07, 2007

He Is Risen!

A very Happy Easter to all our readers!

"Don't be alarmed," he said. "You are looking for Jesus the Nazarene, who was crucified. He has risen! Mark 16

We wish you a holiday filled with the joy of Christ's resurrection. May you have a wonderful time with your families and lots of delicious food and merriment.

Here, as is our custom, is a particularly lame Easter joke...

And for our, um, how you say? More pagan readers, or as I prefer, those of our readers who will be, post shuffling off the mortal coil, heading straight to hell to roast for all eternity -- here is something very wrong just for you...

Because at Freedom Folks we aims to please (not really, it's just one of those things you say when dealing with the public! :)

Happy Easter! He is risen!

We will be taking the holiday off, no new posts til, oh, I'd say Mondayish,and that really depends on whether or not any of you lunatics manages to piss me off! Kidding!

We had quite the adventure today. We went into the field to shoot a bit for next weeks blogburst, one of our stops was Adalberto church where Elvira Arellano is hiding out and we ended up in a confrontation with the assistant pastor which you will have the pleasure of seeing next Tuesday in the blogburst. Silly cow destroyed our $130 mic! How nice is that? And can we expect her to pay for the damage? Perhaps if we lived in America, you know, a place where there's still the rule of law we might have an expectation of justice. But here in occupied Atzlan, post-America?

Not so much!

In other FF news...

I'll be looking for input on our new Freedom Folks Wordpress blog next week, we hope to be putting the finishing touches on and going live in the next week or two. At the moment two different Amazon widgets are seriously chapping my ass as every time I install them they wipe everything else out of the sidebars, imagine my joy! (if any of our astute readers know any tricks to make these puppies work I would be most appreciative)( they are deactivated at the moment for the obvious reason)

Though I am quite pleased with the Daiko's Video Widget that allows me to place the BFBVB in the sidebar (H/T Immigration Watchdog)

Anywho, the blog is starting to assume its final shape and I will depend on Freedom Folks readers to guide us through the final tweaks and hair pulling as we get it ready to go.

We also are in contact with ALIPAC and it's looking like we might be attending the "Hold Their Feet To The Fire Event" in April as accredited bloggers. I have to thank our friend Brian Bonner who mentioned us to Bill Gheen. We're looking forward to it. If you find yourself in any need of dispensing loot feel free to hit our tip jar (and let us know if it works, we've had conflicting reports) and help us defray the expenses of the trip. This should be a tremendous opportunity both to cover what looks like a pretty amazing event and to make some contacts in the blogging and activism world, we are psyched!

There is also a chance, a slim chance that Digger may attend. This would be a rather frightening harmonic convergence of the sort that comes only after opinionated people consume vast quantities of the substance known as "beer." If any of our readers are interested in hanging out in DC with the FF crew let us know you'll be there and we'll try to make a time fer ya. Also MJ's found some great airline dealies.

And of course we should have lots of coverage of the event both here on the blog and as special Blogs For Borders Updates throughout that week.

Whew! I had no intention of writing such a newsy piece, I guess we have more cookin' than I realized.

Again, a very happy and blessed Easter to you and yours, see you again on Monday!

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