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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Paragon of...Neglect?

Source: AP/Yahoo!

Staffing was so inadequate at a California senior center that a rat crawled into an Alzheimer's patient's mouth and died there before staff noticed, a lawsuit claims.

The lawsuit, filed Thursday on behalf of 90-year-old Sigmund Bock, alleges that administrators at the Paragon Gardens Assisted Living and Memory Care Community in Mission Viejo overbooked their facility to receive corporate bonuses, but cut back on staff to increase profits.

The center is, of course, telling a very different story. But the rat-in-mouth version is backed up by the emergency room report from Bock's trip to the hospital, as well as an anonymous tip to the authorities.

Then there's this...
Last year, the state moved to revoke Paragon Gardens' license after a 71-year-old dementia patient wandered from the facility and was never found. The state Department of Social Services also claimed six clients were injured from improper care, according to spokesman Michael Weston. The company has appealed.
Sometimes, folks, it's time to acknowledge that you're not good at something and just move on. May I also suggest avoiding the pest control industry?

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