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Friday, April 06, 2007

The Stink of Desperation

Source: WQAD

An undocumented Chicago mother who's taken refuge in a West Side church to avoid a deportation order is going on a hunger strike.

Immigration activist Elvira Arellano (el-VEE'-ruh ah-ray-AH'-noh) and her pastor, Reverend Walter Coleman, announced today that they're going on a 25-day hunger strike starting tomorrow.
Just to be clear on who we're talking about here, "undocumented Chicago mother/immigration activist" = illegal alien. The reporter seemed a little fuzzy with the language.

Geez. A hunger strike. It's such a fresh, new idea

Elvira has stated that she's put on 10 pounds since holing up at Adalberto in defiance of her deportation order. It's the rev I'm worried about -- Walter "Slim" Coleman.

If he doesn't eat for almost a month, he might be forced to change his nickname. "Emaciated" or "Withered" Coleman just don't have the same ring.

But I digress.

Both she and her pastor say they feel the hunger strike is necessary to get the attention of politicians to change immigration laws.
I know she's got a computer with internet access in there. You don't have to search very hard to find info about just how much the politicians -- unlike the people -- are on her side. You don't even have to leave the neighborhood, as a matter of fact. Humboldt Park's very own Rep. Gutierrez (and, alas, mine) is looking out for you, Elvira, if not for those he's supposed to be representing.

And when is this desperate attempt to regain the long-flagging attention of the media set to end? Come on -- you know the answer to this one!

The hunger strike will end on May First.

I'll think of you both as I tuck into my Easter dinner on Sunday.

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