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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Nope, Nothing To Worry About Here!

Source: chicagotribune

Whenever we question whether or not immigrants, and specifically Mexican immigrants are assimilating, or have any interest in assimilating into this country the usual suspects jump up and down and rave suggesting that it's racist to even ask the question.

After reading this article I'm not only asking the question I'm sounding the alarm...

Jose Luis Gutierrez, who plotted strategy with the group as a soccer match flickered on a nearby TV, was himself a wholesale grocer until last year.

But Gutierrez is now a top aide to Gov. Rod Blagojevich, and he was joined at the table by leaders of Chicago-area Mexican immigrant clubs, the engines behind a new political movement that is making itself felt from Illinois to Michoacan.

Gutierrez received smiling nods when he likened the political muscle of the region's 563,000 Mexican immigrants to the power of Irish-Americans in the 19th and 20th Centuries, who came to control the Chicago machine.

In May, the strength of Mexicans will be on display when many of the region's 300 immigrant clubs -- known as "hometown associations" -- will help organize a march in downtown Chicago a year after their political coming-out party, demonstrations that flooded the Loop last spring and charged the national immigration debate.

For decades Mexican hometown associations have functioned as social networks whose members pooled their money earned here to help build new schools or churches back in Mexico.

But leaders in Chicago's largest immigrant group have a more ambitious worldview than their predecessors, even more than the ethnic blocs that preceded them decades ago.

Some, like Gutierrez, wield growing influence in both countries. One morning, he's unveiling a blueprint for more immigrant services in Illinois as director of the state's Office of New Americans Policy and Advocacy. The next night, he's brainstorming with activists in his home state of Michoacan about a slate of candidates for Mexico's congress.

An active role in Mexican politics might seem at odds with building political influence here. But Gutierrez and others say they form a budding new political consciousness among Mexican immigrants -- a "third nation" of sorts that transcends the border, advancing the community's cause on both sides.

"The nation-state concept is changing," said Gutierrez, 46, who came to Chicago in 1986 and led one of the Midwest's largest federations of hometown associations. "You don't have to say, `I am Mexican,' or, `I am American.' You can be a good Mexican citizen and a good American citizen and not have that be a conflict of interest. Sovereignty is flexible."
Let's just ask the obvious questions here, I always like to watch transnationals, post-Americans and lefties weep pitifully...

How does this strengthen this nation? (I could give a furry rat's patoot about Mexico, not my country, not my problem)

How does this help Mexican assimilation?

Do we want to allow this many people into our country when they see national sovereignty as 'flexible?'

Do we want this many people in this country whose first allegiance isn't to this country?

More than any of the above why is it okay for an ethnic group to attain political power through illegal immigration? Especially as they see all of this through the lens of being "good Mexican citizens." Can they put America first? Is that even on the table for these folks? I won't presume to speak for you but I'm not remotely comfortable with the notion of these folks redefining what citizenship in this country means.

This will come to violence. At this point it's really only a question of where and how.

Nothing to worry about though, GWB will make them citizens and their deep, abiding love of Mexico will make America stronger and better! Kind of like the Bionic man but less powerful, and more likely to import socialism!

I do loves me some Frijoles!

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