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Friday, April 06, 2007

Traditional Democrat Voters Reinstated in Florida...

Source: usatoday
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Most Florida felons will regain voting and other civil rights more quickly after completing their sentences under changes approved Thursday by the governor and the state clemency board.

Republican Gov. Charlie Crist pushed the change, saying the rights to vote, hold office and serve on a jury were fundamental to being part of a democratic society.

With 3-1 vote by Crist and the other members of the state’s clemency board, state officials will begin the restoration process for felons once they complete their sentences. Previously, many felons needed to go before the board, which can take years to hear a case because of backlogs.

The change doesn’t include the right to have a gun, which still isn’t restored automatically for people with felony convictions. But it does make it easier for ex-felons to get occupational licenses, denied to people who haven’t had their civil rights restored.
How many 'traditional Democrat voters' are being reinstated?
Florida had an estimated 960000 ex-felons who were unable to vote in the 2004
How lovely!

And who pushed this through?


Compassionate conservatism? How about deeply stupid conservatism!

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