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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Just Good Hearted Folks?

Source: prescottdailycourier
Recent crimes point to need for change

Officers, including the SWAT team, eventually ran the car's three occupants to earth and arrested them at the Robert Road Baptist Church. The whole chase started because two of the individuals were in the United States illegally and didn't want police to find out. Later that evening, four Hispanic men invaded a Prescott Valley home. One attacked a woman holding a baby with a baseball bat, and another slashed her fiancé with a machete. For good measure they threw concrete blocks through the kitchen window of the home and the windows of three cars. In Prescott this past Oct. 28 a gang of Hispanic men attacked two brothers who had argued with them earlier in the evening about blocking the entrance to an East Gurley Street motel. One of them stabbed Daniel Cook to death and severely cut his brother, Lance, on the arm. Two weeks later police took out a felony warrant on Joel Medina-Ortiz, an illegal alien...
Such lovely invaders, no?

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