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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Let Us In Or We Starve Ourselves To Death!

Source: allheadlinenews
U.S. Embassy In Nepal To Review Visa Process Of Diversity Visa Applicants
I'm really not getting this one...
Kathmandu, Nepal -- The United States embassy in Kathmandu has agreed to review the visa process of those Nepalis who were denied the Diversity Visa (DV).

As U.S. ambassador to Nepal James F. Moriarty said during a meeting with Nepal's Minister for Foreign Affairs Sahana Pradhan on Monday that the U.S. embassy will review the case of each applicant who was denied the DV, the protestors, who were on a fast-unto-death protest, withdrew their activities.

The Nepalis who were denied the DV were demanding that the U.S. embassy reimburse the loss incurred during the visa processing.

Following 106-day-long relay hunger strikes, they had staged a fast-onto-death protest at the U.S. embassy in Kathmandu.

A press statement issued by Nepal's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the Nepal government and the U.S. embassy would jointly make an effort to resolve the issue of the protesters.

The statement also urged that the protest programs be called off.

Meanwhile, those denied the DV said the condition of six persons who were on the hunger strike was critical. They urged the Nepali government to immediately take care of those ailing protesters.
Two things occur right off the top, first, no one, NO ONE has a right to immigrate here. If you're denied a visa starve yourself to death I really don't care. This is no way to conduct immigration policy and we are fools to let any of these jackasses in.

This is a terrorist act, they are demanding we let them in or they'll kill themselves. The correct response at that juncture is to wish them much happiness in the next life and assure them that we are all stocked up on the crazy around here.

Second, there should be no reparations for those who apply. We are not a department store, they're not buying a sweater. If there is a processing fee, you shouldn't get it back if you're denied.

We really desperately need to shut down all immigration for a period of at least five years to remind folks that not one single person on this planet has some sort of right to com here, not one!

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