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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Reconquista U: Suing Doug McIntyre @ Staying Open!

Source: cbs2

The Academia Semillas del Pueblo, a racialist reconquista school in LA, partly funded by tax payer dollars is suing Jon McIntyre for slander...
"McIntyre implemented a premeditated scheme to bring down the school at all costs because the school educated predominately ... Latino-indigenous children in a non-Western European format," according to the lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit, McIntyre began criticizing several aspects of the school last May, including its funding, curriculum, demographics, administrators and educational statistics, all in order to increase his show's ratings.

McIntyre exploited a combination of anti-immigration sentiment and the nation's fear of Islamic terrorists to "create a racist fury against Latino school children, teachers, administrators and staff at the school," according to the lawsuit.

McIntyre's remarks included, "Is this a reconquista school?," "This school is ranked the lowest of the low in the LAUSD and in the state of California" and "Aztecs butchered and ate Spanish invaders. I wonder if they're teaching that at ASDP," according to the lawsuit.

McIntyre also said Aguilar's job was to "keep his school, his madrasa school, open so they can train the next generation of Aztec revolutionaries," according to the lawsuit.

The radio host also used "code words" aimed at a target audience to rile up listeners and create a backlash against the school and Aguilar, the lawsuit stated.

As a result, the school received many threats of violence, including a bomb threat that caused an evacuation of the school and is currently under investigation by the FBI, the lawsuit stated.
As Lonewacko notes, let's recall that the only real violence, an attempt to run down a local reporter who was covering the school, the perpetrator faces some hard time.

However, in the good news department this anti-American tax funded monstrosity, with some of the lowest test scores in city replete with failing schools will be keeping its doors open, whew! I'm relieved!
In a March 13 report on Academia Semillas del Pueblo, the staff cited low test scores, unconventional instruction and potentially conflicting school governance. About two weeks later, facing growing political pressure from former City Councilman Richard Alatorre, former Assemblywoman Jackie Goldberg and others, the staff changed course.

Under the five-year renewal conditions, Semillas must meet benchmarks that for three years would place it at least at the median of comparable schools in terms of state and national standards. Data show Semillas ranks lowest among similar schools.

The BNF reports has this to say..."So, we have a separatist group supporting a PUBLIC,TAXPAYER FUNDED school in Los Angeles. This school does not teach the students, as evidenced by the low test scores. So, one can ask, where is the accountability? Why is this man, Mr. Aguilar, and the school allowed to just basically be a tool for him so promote his views (and the views of groups like MECha) at taxpayer expense?

Friends of Dave has charts and sez "I don't think letting this school continue with its curriculum of Spanish, English, Mandarin and Nahuatl-Mexicano and instruction in the Aztec base-20 math system is doing those students any favors. Hopefully, they're going to end up closing this school in a couple years when they're unable meet the benchmarks the district required of them. Those students will just end up getting transferred to other schools where they're going to need extensive remediation to undo this school's work."

Palosverdesblog sez "The school’s absurd multilingual curriculum includes Spanish, English, Mandarin and Nahuatl-Mexicano. But the board bowed to pressure from political stooges Richard Alatorre and Jackie Goldberg and Spanish groups to keep it open, the kids be damned. Until the unions lose their hold on politicians and school board members, the kids have little to no chance."

Puchica was happy "Academia Semillas del Pueblo was there and we got a chance to congratulate them on the renewal of their charter school. VERY COOL. "

Your tax dollars hard at work folks, teaching inner city barrio kids that they don't need to be a part of American life. Yeah, how can that go wrong!

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