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Monday, October 31, 2005

Pimpin' 4 Gilchrist

My Daddy always said if you get people this angry, your probably doing something right.

"When asked to explain the contradiction between his more privately held progressive views and his public rants that appeal to his supporters by scapegoating immigrants, catering to their vile racism and presenting himself as a “rock-ribbed Reagan Republican” (even though he’s running as the American Independent Party candidate and his supporters believe that most Republicans are “traitors”) Gilchrist becomes unglued, face flushed with anger almost to the point of tears, and rants about Greens as terrorists and would-be murderers."

Wow, you would be excused if you thought this guy was crazy. I mean, for goodness sake his face is flushed, he can't complete a sentence without tears and anger rendering him speechless. He appears to be a dangerous fellow this Jim Gilchrist.

But JC may not be quite as fascist at heart as his die-hard supporters think.

Buzzword Alert! Buzzword Alert! I think our boy has given the game away. Whenever, and I do mean ever, you hear a Liberal weenie utter the word Fascist, stop and take a listen. This is a surefire rule of thumb for Conservatives, whenever that word along with other winning phrases such as -- Nazi! Bigot! Or the perennial favorite that I keep being invected with these days -- Brownshirt! Know that this issue or person is probably someone you will like.

In this article we get a little better sense of Jim and what he's all about, and as a bonus it doesn't come off as paid shill crap. I get the sense of a regular guy who's picked a fight with foaming at the mouth Liberal Goliath's, a guy who's tired, a guy who would rather be bass fishing. This is the kind of person I want representing me, not the smiling cardboard cut-outs who so often populate our halls of power.

Ask yourself this as we gear up for the next election cycle. What is the biggest issue facing our country today? For me that's an easy question, ILLEGAL immigration. No contest, if we don't make some drastic changes and soon we won't have a great country to worry about anymore, rather we will be dragged down into the morass of third world countries struggling to provide for a non native populace who sees welfare as a god given right along with their pimps in the ILLEGAL immigration business who profit from their, and our misery.

If you feel the same way don't be afraid to stand up and be counted. remember, when you hear words like -- Fascist! Bigot! Nazi! or Brownshirt! - know you are standing on the shoudlers of giants.

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