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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A Message For The Season

Is there anything Mr. T can't do?

View the magnificence!

You know, he's a Chicago boy.

Yet another reason to be proud of the windy city!

What? is that sarcasm?

I'll never tell, cuz the suspense will drive you mad with pleasure!


Okay, this was about fourteen years ago. A friend of ours lived in the same suburb Mr. T does (which is exciting all by itself!). We were out there building some new electronic drum pads for me. We were using his landlords garage shop.
During this time one of Mr. T's big cats escaped. Every time the wind rustled the leaves I thought my friend was going to soil his knickers...
Maybe you had to be there.

h/t Ace O' Spadeness + Cake or death? (so hard to decide, must have cake...but death will hurt, what to do?)



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