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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Free Jack Idema Blogburst

Things are heating up, folks.

Parliament sat this week in Afghanistan for the first time in history, and Rabanni held a press conference (much to the American government's dismay) and said he is standing down and throwing his support behind Yanus Qanooni. Qanooni, in case you don't know, is the sweet quiet new head of Parliament that the Americans were trying to throw over by throwing lavish amounts of money at Rabanni. It didn't work. Qanooni is a good friend of Jack's, so it should be interesting to see how this all plays out.

All of this means great things for our friends who are still being held at Pulacharke, even though VP Cheney visited Afghanistan and for the first time in months, electricity was turned on. For one day. And right after Cheney left, it was turned back off again.

Contrary to what the Smear Jack Cabal has to say about it, while the electricity was on, they were able to use their computers. I'm sure it pains the Smear Jack Cabal to know that none of their allegations are true. And contrary to what the Smear Jack Cabal has to say about it, they still enjoy their wonderful accommodations, thanks to the Northern Alliance.

The hundreds of visitors per day that Jack has been receiving from Parliament and Generals in the UFMF has subsided because the new government has a tremendous undertaking ahead...they need to elect their new leaders, and the power that Karzai has been using against them is further slipping away.

As a result of the good news about Parliament sitting, electing their new representatives, and Karzai's power being quelled as a result, we also feel confident that Jack and his men will soon be released from Pulacharke--it is only a matter of time. With the winds of change in the air, the Northern Alliance still being derided by Carlotta Gall and other clueless American journalists as "warlords" who are guilty of human rights violations (and the Taliban and Al Qaeda are not?)-it is time to smile, and soon we will be celebrating the news of Jack, Brent and Ed's release.

Most importantly, we should be celebrating the fact that--in spite of our government's manipulation and playing into the hands of the terrorists, the people have spoken and the Northern Alliance has the majority of seats. The Northern Alliance is clearly in control, so...we shall see what forces win in the end. And it doesn't appear to me as though at this moment, it's going to be the Taliban/Pashtuns of the country.

We should still continue to raise hell with our representatives, however, because their heightened awareness to what this can do to the Bush administration and the war on terror is also a key to this entire situation. The fact that the western journalists have twisted the news coming out of Afghanistan should be no surprise, but the shame of it is--they've completely ignored the biggest story of the war on terror to date; Jack Idema, his Taliban trial conviction and the US Government's complicity in his torture at Sederat and later hisimprisonment along with Brent Bennett and Ed Caraballo AFTER THEY WERE DECLARED INNOCENT IN A SECOND TRIAL.

Contact your representatives and ask them why Idema, Bennett and Caraballo are STILL being held at Pulacharke when they were all declared innocent by the Afghans since at least December of last year.

We should make it clear that we know what has gone on here and that it's an outrage and all men from TF Sabre/7 should be released, exonerated, their names cleared. And we should be also pushing for a Congressional investigation as to who was involved, the how and the why. Nobody fighting in Afghanistan or Iraq should EVER have to worry about being hung out to dry like this by a government that is employing stalinist tactics and turning its back on all the freedoms and rights that have been provided and guaranteed us by our founding documents and the blood of our forefathers, many of whom are laying at Arlington cemetary--as well as old standards which all men in uniform think they have as safeguards such as the Geneva Conventions. Are we to apply the Geneva Conventions to terrorists to whom these safeguards don't apply and ignore them for our men in uniform for whom they were written???

If so, we're setting ourselves up for FAILURE in this TERROR WAR!!!!

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