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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Lieberman Attacked for Having a Mind of His Own

Just read this article.

Democrats in Connecticut are so disturbed by Sen. Joe Lieberman’s stance on the war in Iraq that some are calling for a primary challenge against him in 2006.
Certainly their right.

What’s more, former U.S. senator and Connecticut Gov. Lowell Weicker says he’ll run against Lieberman as an independent if no credible anti-war Democrat or independent enters the race.
Certainly his right. But here's where it gets wacky...

Weicker (former U.S. senator and Connecticut Gov. Lowell Weicker) said he was been against the war in Iraq "from the onset."

Running as an independent, he said, "allows me the integrity of my position, which is, I'm not happy with either side.

"As much as I disagree with the Republican policy, I couldn't disagree more with the deafening silence on behalf of the Democrats on the war."
The deafening silence on behalf of the Democrats on the war? Has this guy been living in a cave? Has he ever heard the names Pelosi, Reid, Kennedy, Kerry, Dean...? I'd be afraid to hand any power over to someone this clueless, let alone a Senate seat.

A letter with 55,000 signatures — mostly from out of state — was delivered to Lieberman's district office in Hartford last week urging him to stop "trying to stifle debate" on war policy and join "the majority of Americans in questioning President Bush's foreign policy,” according to
Rather than trying to stifle debate, I'd say Lieberman is trying to start it...particularly within his own party. And lookie, lookie...he's being attacked by his own party for having the nerve to have a mind and opinion of his own. Now that's what I call trying to stifle debate.

Things get a little clearer, though...

The group circulating the letter, Democracy for America, is led by Jim Dean, a Connecticut resident and brother of Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean.
Hmmmmm. Methinks there's something rotten in the state of Connecticut.

"It's at the point where he's no longer interested in his own party's opinion. He's really out of touch with reality," said Mitchell Fuchs, chairman of the Fairfield Democratic Town Committee. "For me, he's crossed the line a number of times."
Perhaps he's not interested in towing a political line with which he disagrees. What a nerve! And the last time I checked, no "party's opinion" was the definition of reality, hence the name opinion.

Despite the recent grumbling, Lieberman still has supporters among the state party leadership.

"Joe Lieberman has made a career out of acting in a bipartisan fashion,” Jim Diamond, a member of the State Central Committee, told

"He's been the lead Democrat on fighting terrorism and homeland security and for that he gets a lot of support across both sides of the political aisle."
Now there's a concept for you: a politician weighing the issues and doing what he thinks is in the best interests of the people he's been elected to look out for.

Putting his constituents above The Party Opinion? No wonder the man is under attack.

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