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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Minuteman Update

This just in from the Minuteman blog.

In an article by Jon Dougherty, from 2005 World Net Daily he writes that: *Border Patrol agents stationed along the nation's southwestern frontier increasingly are fearful of encountering armed and potentially hostile military units from Mexico."It's like we're having a battle... that no one speaks of." Also, agents say, officers are hamstrung in their response, citing concerns the U.S. government is often too deferential to Mexican authorities.

"It's like we're having a battle on the border that no one speaks of," one agent told the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin newspaper in Ontario, Calif.

"The Border Patrol lives in constant fear of pleasing the consulate general of Mexico", the agent continued. "It's one of the things that's most mystifying to line agents" because the U.S. is one of the most powerful countries in the world but appears to be more interested in accommodating Mexico City," the agent said.

Indeed, the confrontations have become so routine the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has issued written orders that agents carry with them regarding "what to do" if confronted by Mexican military units, many of which are in the employ of Mexico's powerful drug cartels. According to the "Military Incursion" cards, "Mexican military are trained to escape, evade and counter-ambush if it will
affect their escape." Therefore, the card says, Border Patrol agents should follow recommended procedures in case they encounter armed Mexican military units.
The paper said the cards also instruct agents to hide from Mexican military operating in their areas. Rather than engage in contact, agents are ordered to "Avoid it."

One Arizona agent described the units to the paper, saying they "are active Mexican military that have sold out to the cartels."

"We talk about cooperation with the Mexican government," the agent continued, but most of them seem to be on the take. The (Bush) administration, the DHS, they are very hushed about this."

Tom Tancredo, Rep. -Colo., head of the House Immigration Reform Caucus, has been very well aware of the situation on the U.S. southwestern border.
According to his interview with the WorldNetDaily he said *"We're no safer today than we were on Sept. 12," in reference to the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

We have been well aware in the last few years (according to World Net Daily as early as November 2000)that Border Patrol agents have been fired upon on American ground. And most of the times it did not even make the National or even local news.

Around that time, Border Patrol units were increased in most of the problem areas and let's face it, it meant that our units were drawing the patrol circle tighter and posed a bigger threat to the 'other' side. And with the corrupt government in Mexico, where part of the Mexican military were more loyal to the drug lords or creating their own units, does it surprise us?

Does Vincente Fox care?

I guess, you know the answer to that question!

He will start caring though, once the violance will reach his own political structure.
And it would not surprise me if he were not to blame us for this incident then. Seems, like everthing else is our fault, because we are not treating "his people" in a
respected manner.

How about you, Mr Fox, running your government the way you should by creating a living condition for your own people which will enable them to live a life of quality rather than destruction?

America became strong because it had devoted people who believed in unity and we are becoming united again.

I have a dream, that we, as a "United" States of America, will be able to protect our country from destruction and invasion. I have a dream, that we, as the "United" States of America, will be effective in fighting terrorism! I have a dream, that we, as the "United" States of America, will ensure that our children and grandchildren will have a quality of life without fear. I have a dream, that we, as the "United" States of America, will be instrumental in the fight against drugs, as well as sex-slave-trade.
I have a dream, that we, as the "United" States of America will stop illegal immigration.
I have a dream, that we, as the "United" States of America, will remain the strongest country on this earth.

Just like that!



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