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Monday, January 16, 2006

Latinos Unidos Fights New ICE Office in Colorado

While the turmoil over a potential Greeley immigration office may have died, the group that formed to block that office has emerged from the smoke with a promise to carry its fight to other fronts.

Latinos Unidos, which was formed in November and twice rallied more than 500 demonstrators to oppose a campaign for an Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in Greeley, has put the ICE issue behind it.

“Unless local officials try to do something else on it, it’s over,” said Sylvia Martinez, one of Latinos Unidos’ founders.
It's all here.

Though Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck insists the federal government may still grant his request for the office to help deport more illegal immigrants who commit crimes in the county, ICE spokespeople say they have no plans for a field office in Greeley.
Let me just get this straight. The District Attorney says they need help to deport criminal ILLEGAL aliens, ICE is clamming up about it, and Latinos Unidos is rallying by the hundreds to PROTECT PEOPLE WHO HAVE BROKEN THE LAW AT LEAST TWICE?

“When (Buck) did that to us, it was a slap in the face,” said Susie Villareal, another founder of Latinos Unidos. “But the positive thing is that it brought the Latino community together and launched Latinos Unidos.”
When Buck did that to you? I highly doubt this is a personal thing, lady. It sounds to me like a public official who needs federal help to enforce federal law. If I sound pretty certain about all this, it's because I used to live right next door to Weld County in Boulder County. As a matter of fact, Jake worked in the Boulder County Jail. Been there. Seen it. Lived it.

What worries her are proposals she calls “extremist.” Plans to build a wall on the Mexico-U.S. border or to deny benefits like workers’ compensation to illegal immigrants won’t help anything, she said.
A wall sure beats a steady flow of people entering the country ILLEGALLY to live here ILLEGALLY and work here ILLEGALLY, and if you're not here LEGALLY you're not entitled to the benefits and protections of citizens and legal immigrants. It's that simple.

“If you were an illegal immigrant and someone raped you or broke into your house, do you think you’d call the police?” Martinez said.

What about the people of this country who are raped, robbed and murdered by someone who came here ILLEGALLY? These are preventable crimes, if the government would just do its damn job and protect us by securing the borders.

Ken Buck didn't call for the deportation of those who are here legally. He didn't ask for anything "extreme." He simply asked for help to "deport more illegal immigrants who commit crimes."

He's trying to protect and serve the people of his county. He's trying to do his job.

He deserves a little assistance and a whole lot of appreciation, not name-calling and resistance.

Muchas gracias, Latinos Unidos.

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