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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

U.S. Troops on Border Patrol?

Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano, a Democrat, has sent more than 100 National Guardsmen to help the border patrol stop illegal immigration in her state. The governor wants the Department of Defense to pay for it. And she says she may send
more soldiers to secure the border.

Here's some comments by Fox viewers...

"I totally agree with O'Reilly. Get these people before they come across here and cause me to pay more taxes for everything the government gives them freely!" — Tosha (Texas)

"Absolutely, send the troops to secure the border. It'll keep the country safer, plus we won't be so overcrowded here in the U.S. The amount of illegal immigrants in the country is outrageous as it is. They come here and live off every other hard working citizen in the country when it comes to taxes, healthcare, etc. We're too busy fighting a war for oil, so why not put the troops to use for something really beneficial?" —

"Troops on the border? You bet! We should have had troops on the border all along and not waited until we had millions of illegal immigrants before taking this action. Kudos to the Arizona Governor and hopefully the governors of other border states will follow suit. I was born in American but my grandparents emigrated legally from Poland to this country through Ellis Island. Yes we are a country of immigrants otherwise I would not be in this country, however the key word is legally." — Marina
"Seven months ago, I moved out of the State of Arizona. Part of my reasoning for that move was the unchecked tide of illegal aliens and potential terrorists coming across the border and the resultant violence, crime and strain on the state budget. I
applaud Governor Napolitano's decision. I now reside in Texas and still do not feel that my family and I are safe under the present border conditions. Only the placement of military troops will give me some sense of protection from the onslaught of illegals that gain unchallenged access to our nation on a daily basis. In my view, this is the only sensible response to a growing problem. Our federal government needs to wake up and stop playing diplomatic patty-cake with an uncooperative Mexican government." — Frank (Plano, TX)

"I have once before made the suggestion of placing of military along our southern borders. Additionally, I would suggest guard dogs. Dogs can be very helpful in the
detection and apprehension of illegals. One dog is worth 10 solders to detect these illegals. People can whitewash the border intrusions all they want, but the fact is that when people without money and/or visible means of support get hungry they're going to do what they must to eat. If you think that it's not your problem, you need to think again! The border has been out of control for years. The fact that we are to easy on law enforcement there, are an encouragement to illegals." — Harold

"Finally! Someone with the guts to make a rational decision. I could care less what motivated the action by Governor Napolitano. She is to be applauded for making a stand in this crucial issue. Thank you Governor Napolitano!" — April (Illinois)

"I'm glad to hear we are being proactive on the border, but just to play devil's advocate. With Gov. Nopalitano's history of shooting down legislation on Illegal
immigrants, could her 180 degree turn be a ploy to keep her National Guard
troops from going over seas in the War on Terror?? Either way it's a step in the
right direction." — Dan (Fishkill, NY)

"I think the military should patrol our borders, and stop, by any means necessary, anyone from coming across illegally. That is the same as invading our country. There are plenty of legal ways to come into the country without crossing illegally, plus we need strict quotas." — John (Tennessee)

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