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Friday, February 10, 2006

A Little Help For A Pal

Well, pals plural. ** Updates below**

Kit & Heidi from Euphoric Reality are hoping to attend the Milbloggers conference In DC this April. Being normal folks they lack what we around here like to call the crazy pimp money. They put a call out on their blog for some blogger donations, so the management of Freedom Folks decided to sweeten the pot a little bit to help that crazy pimp money start flowing...

That's right, if you order our CD right now we will donate half the proceeds to the great gals of Euphoric Reality.

Tell us about the CD you say, well, if you insist.

Freedom Folks -- i love america -- is a rollicking good time. Nine patriotic songs, each one performed in a different style. From the bonecrunching rock of the title track to the sweet Celtic rhythm of "A Soldier's ballad" this album is the perfect choice for a summer cruise with the top cranked down and the radio cranked up!

"Ugly American" is a snarky response to those who just don't like Americans, while "Lady Of Liberty" is an eighties pop celebration of that great grey lady, and many more.

So what are you waiting for?

But wait that's not all! If you order now we'll throw in the MP3 of Kit's new song "Over There." She's still in the studio working on it, but we'll email it to every person who orders a CD (I haven't actually cleared this with her, but I'm sure it will be okay, right Kit?) as soon as it's finished. This is the same song she'll be performing in Branson for our Vietnam vets and we are proud to lend whatever humble talents we possess in bringing it to life.

As a special added bonus. If you order the MP3's of "i love america" we will up the contribution to eight bucks, how could you possibly go wrong?

If you follow the links to our CD page you can preview the songs.

**Sales have started to mount, what are you waiting for? You can get a great CD and help out some excellent bloggers. Win-Win!! Thanks to all those who have stepped up***

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