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Friday, March 24, 2006

A Day Without A Mexican?

Darnell at the Independent Conservative brings us some eyewitness reporting from Georgia. The Georgia state governement has been debating a bill that would add a five percent tax on remittances. Darnell reports this has led Georgia to experience it's own "Day without a Mexican."

Darnell reports that the local McDonald's sported an all American staff and that traffic was much better. There is also a video.

My favorite bit...
The Latino community is making a critical error in trying to make this a Latinos versus everyone else issue. It will cause Georgians to 2nd guess even the legal Latino immigrants. Who wants to do business with someone that may decide at a moment’s notice not to work? It would be counter-productive to consumers to do business with any store that decides to take a day off every time the owners’ illegal friends don’t get their way.
The problem with racial identity politics and race baiting is that it has a nasty way of slipping loose of the leash and biting those who use these tactics right in their hateful butts.

Read the whole thing.

He has another great piece on assimilation here.

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