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Friday, March 24, 2006

Gunner: No ChickenHawks Here!

Our pal Gunner puts the smackdown on a cowardly commenter who attempts to trot out the "Chickenhawk" meme on a blog run by two soldiers who are both currently serving and have sacrificed for this country.

My favorite bit...
I've taken cover with Iraqis as we were having mortars dropped on us. I've dodged bullets, braved IEDs, and sacrificed my time and my personal safety to bring security to the New Iraq. My brother and I both have. We have done more in one single day for our country than you can say you have done your entire life. We have selflessly sacrificed more in one single hour in the service of our nation than you have in a lifetime of depending on others to sacrifice for you.
Love you guys! Proud of you!

Check it out!

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