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Monday, March 27, 2006

Immigration Poll

Well, this is interesting.

AOL has an immigration poll up, I highly recommend you take it and take a gander at the results. Each question has received about 120,000 votes.

Check out these results...
Would you support a temporary worker program?
No 58%
Yes 42%
Total Votes: 163,884

Would you support erecting a fence along the Mexican border?
Yes 81%
No 19%
Total Votes: 123,371

Should those who sneak across the border be treated as felons?
Yes 78%
No 22%
Total Votes: 122,884

Should those already in the country have a path to citizenship?
No 69%
Yes 31%
Total Votes: 122,782

How big of an issue is illegal immigration?
Very 87%
Somewhat 10%
Not at all 4%
Total Votes: 121,123
Now I certainly don't think of AOL as a conservative source, so what explains these extraordinary numbers. Why you almost might believe that the American people are in agreement about this issue.

This is the result every time this issue is put before the American people. Really, no joke. There is almost no difference between parties and age groups and all those type of factors. American citizens do not like illegal immigration and that is what they'll tell you every time you put the question to them.

Now, NumbersUSA informed me today that several million Americans have called and faxed their Senators to demand no guest worker program and no amnesty. So of course the Senate passed a guest worker program and what amounts to an amnesty. Who are they listening to?

It ain't the American people. Is this how Democracy is supposed to work?

Thanks to Jimmy B in Cicero (a delightful suburb of mexico conveniently located near Chicago)

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