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Saturday, April 08, 2006

George W Just Doesn’t Get It.

By J. Kotthoff

I caught part of “Your World with Neil Cavuto” Last night and heard the statements George W. made to reporters in a private town hall meeting yesterday. At first I was baffled until I realized that George W. just doesn’t get it. He thinks he knows better then American citizens what we wish. He stated “I urge congress to do what is best for the nation and not pay attention to demonstrations and polls”

George buddy get a clue. Your job and the job of all elected officials is to enact laws and policies based on what the majority of Americans want...not on what you feel is best for the country as you see it. This is not a monarchy and you are not King George. A vast majority of Americans and LEGAL immigrants want the border secure at any cost. They want jobs that pay a living wage. And regardless of what you think They do not want illegal immigrants rewarded with amnesty in any form.

You continue to call anyone who wants a responsible immigration policy names like “Isolationist”, “Protectionist”, “Racist” or “Xenophobe”. I understand that you are not worried about re-election but those in congress had better be. Americans are tired of politicians ignoring their wishes and the backlash will be felt in 2006 and in 2008. I understand that your general view is that Americans will forget about this issue by November but you should ask John Kerry if the Internet and Bloggers can have an effect on politics and elections. I am sure he would tell you yes.

You need to understand that being against illegal immigration does not make one a racist, xenophobe or any of the other names you want to use. It makes one logical, law abiding, and evidently smarter then you. You brag about 211,000 jobs created in the last quarter. That leaves what only 6,799,000 Americans unemployed? Or to be honest Officially Unemployed. We both know that the real unemployment figure would be at least twice that. Okay of that 211,000 jobs created how many went to illegal immigrants and how many paid well enough to raise a family on?

to the news unemployment fell to its lowest level in 4 1/2 years. On only 211,000 new jobs? I think it is because more Americans fell off the screen due to expired benefits and such. Now those 211,000 new jobs were a majority in Health and Education and Government? How many manufacturing jobs did we lose in the same period another 5000, plus another 13,600 in transportation and warehousing? So you create lower paying service jobs to replace higher paying manufacturing jobs. Quite an accomplishment...not.

I think that congress gets it better than you do. Americans are fed up and not a good time to insult them or their intelligence. You know what the term “Lame Duck President” means? If you don’t I suggest you ask your father he might know. You are well on your way to being one if you keep forgetting whom you work for. It is not business, illegal immigration advocates, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, The U.N. or even the Republican Party. You work for the CITIZENS of the United States of America. And as the saying goes you serve at our pleasure.

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