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Friday, April 07, 2006

Oh Yeah, I Feel Comforted Now!

Idiots such as Michael Medved have staked out an idiot position that goes like this..."This isn't amnesty because we're going to do checks and make them pay fines, really it's not amnesty."

Uh-huh, well feast your eyes my friend, and a warning, it ain't pretty...

Ex-immigration chief alleges fraud at agency
By Sara A. Carter, Staff Writer

Source: DailyBulletin
Espionage, fraud and corruption plague the Department of Homeland Security agency that oversees applications for those seeking residency in the U.S., a former director of the agency said Thursday.
Yep, these are the folks who will be overseeing the new amnesty, conforted yet?
Michael Maxwell, who resigned in February from the Office of Security and Investigations at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, presented testimony to the House Subcommittee on International Terrorism and Nonproliferation.

‘‘The immigration process is flawed and is being exploited internally and externally by criminals, terrorists, and foreign intelligence agencies,'' he said to lawmakers at the hearing. ‘‘I know there are good men and women in the agency would like nothing more than to do their part in fixing this broken system.''

The former director also is expected to provide private testimony regarding classified documents, which he could not discuss at the public hearings.

Maxwell found that the U.S. Customs and Immigration Services offered incentives, such as extra vacation time, to employees who expedited citizenship applications without completing background checks on individuals. In some instances, immigration officials were asked to approve 16 applications in an hour, he said.

That would mean three minutes for each application, which wouldn't provide ample time for checks, he said.

Other allegations dealt with internal fraud and deception within the department. More than 500 criminal complaints against the agency's employees -- including harboring illegal immigrants, bribery, money laundering and aiding known terrorists or being influenced by foreign intelligence services -- have yet to be investigated, Maxwell said.

‘‘As a former police chief and national security specialist, I do not make these charges lightly,'' Maxwell said. ‘‘More recently, I have provided, the same documents to the FBI, the GAO (Government Accountability Office), and the DHS Office of the Inspector General.''
Nuff said.

Let's consult my homies at Vdare...
Before the U.S. Congress rushes headlong into another massive amnesty for millions of illegal aliens—whether overtly or by stealth—how about finding out once and for all the extent of amnesty application fraud the last time America attempted such foolishness?

Amazingly, despite actual criminal convictions, investigations, and widespread knowledge inside government of massive amnesty fraud, there has been no comprehensive report or study on the subject.

Veteran immigration enthusiast Lawrence H. Fuchs conceded as much as early as 1996, while reviewing four immigration reform books, including Peter Brimelow’s Alien Nation, in the International Migration Review:

“There was a considerable amount of fraud in the Special Agriculture Worker [SAW] legalization program in IRCA, passed in 1986.

“By 1993, it had become clear that the legalization of IRCA immigrants had opened a channel that led to numbers larger than most had anticipated. It also became clear that there had been a considerable amount of fraud in the system, particularly with regard to the special agricultural worker legalization program. By 1989, the INS had placed 390,000 SAW applications on hold became of suspected fraud and had arrested about 750 people for selling phony labor documents for up to $2,000 in central Texas and $1,500 to $3,000 in California. [International Migration Review, Summer 1996 v30 n2 p591(10)]
Yep, I definitely feel better now!

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