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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Sweet Jesus: President Bush Insane

Check this out...(insanity bolded)

Source: Kudlow's Money Politics
A half dozen financial journalists met with President Bush this morning in the Oval Office, including yours truly. The president was upbeat on the economy and today’s job numbers and emphasized low tax rates as the key to stimulating job creating investment. He said “we must not resort to isolationism and protectionist policies. We must keep taxes low and enable the economy to grow.”

Bush was peeved at Congress for not completing the tax reconciliation bill to extend the tax cuts on cap gains and dividends. He also wants a comprehensive immigration bill that does not include a 700-mile wall. He told us “immigration helps restore our souls.”
Let's think about that last sentence for a second, shall we?

Yes, the president said, "immigration helps restore our souls." However let's consider the context, what did he say immediately preceding that statement?

He wants a comprehensive bill "that does not include a 700-mile wall." So what he's saying here is that "illegal immigration helps restore our souls." ?!?!

Illegal immgration restores our souls? Really? Gee whiz Mr. President what else might do the old soul some good? Bank robbery? Really poor ball room dancing?

Illegal immigration helps restore our souls? I am aghast, that would be the appropriate word. LoneWacko is genuinely questioning the president's sanity, I'm with him. This is an entry in the "I'm dumber for having read this" category, with a bullet.

Illegal immigration helps restore our souls. I'll just keep repeating this until it makes sense.

Me? I'll take my chances with my soul, put the damn wall up Mr. President, you're not my pastor, you're my president, do your damn job.

And see a shrink please.

H/T LoneWacko

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