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Monday, April 03, 2006

Letter to Frist: McCain Must be Held Accountable

Earlier today, I posted this regarding John McCain's remarks inciting illegal aliens to continue taking to the streets to get the legalization they want.

I was so upset by McCain's words and actions that I just faxed this letter to Senator Majority Leader Bill Frist:

Dear Senator Frist:

I am utterly outraged over the statements made by Senator McCain this past Friday at a pro-illegal immigrant meeting in the Bronx. Attached please find a copy of the New York Daily News article I will reference.

Senator McCain reportedly said the following to the crowd, gathered in support of a planned march across the Brooklyn Bridge to demand “rights” for illegal immigrants:

“If such demonstrations continue, I think we will have a bill for the President to sign soon.”

“…the more demonstrations, the more likely we will prevail.”

I am appalled, as a citizen of this great country, to read that Senator McCain, elected to represent the good people of Arizona, is instead publicly declaring his intention to wield the power entrusted to him to represent those who are living and working in this country illegally! The senator is calling for illegal aliens to continue taking to the streets to exert an influence that mocks and undermines the fabric of this nation.

The more demonstrations, the more likely we will prevail?

Senator McCain is clearly not speaking for or to those who have given him the privilege and responsibility of serving in the U.S. Senate. He is using his position to incite illegal aliens – lawbreakers, by definition – to make demands of this country to which they have no right.

I find it inconceivable to read of the senator not only encouraging, but also inciting this behavior to further his own political agenda. I find his words and actions highly reprehensible, and believe that they warrant censure consideration.

I call on you, Senator Frist, as the Senate Majority Leader, to see that Senator McCain’s actions receive the strongest admonishment, through whatever means you deem appropriate and necessary.

The people of America must not be misrepresented and harmed by the reckless pandering of their elected representatives. We deserve much better, and, as citizens, we have a right to demand it.
Is anyone else as upset as I am that a U.S. senator is openly telling illegal aliens that they can get what they want if they keep marching on our cities? I've yet to find anyone else talking about this. Please leave comments and, if you feel as strongly as I do, contact Frist and/or your own senators.

I meant what I said. As American citizens, we deserve much better than this.

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