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Monday, April 24, 2006


While calling my representatives today to ask them to vote against any amnesty I asked one of the staffers how the phones were today.

He replied: Moderate.


No, No, No, that's not the correct answer. This individual sounded cool and collected, that's not what we want folks, we want them to be cranky and stressed from the thousands of calls they're fielding.

In a word...CALL!!!


It takes me about ten minutes to call. Are you really gonna tell me you don't have ten minutes? And that's for me to call every number. If time is that tight just call the Washington numbers it'll take you just two or three minutes. When you see the vast number of illegal aliens marching in the streets remember that is how they do things in the third world. Americans pick up the phone and tell their duly elected reps what they expect them to do.

Go get'em!



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