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Friday, April 14, 2006


Source: NRO

The political tide turned this week against anti-immigration Republicans and their Minutemen allies, but it remains to be seen whether Democrats can ride the wave. While the attempts of hardline Republicans like Tom Tancredo to punish immigrants appear, at least for the moment, to have been blocked, conservatives can still claim one key success from this debate: Their rhetoric has shaped the discussion such that now, when we hear the word "immigrant," we no longer think of Ellis Island; instead we think of an illegal climbing a fence from Mexico. All of which creates both a moral imperative and a political opportunity for Democrats: In order to shift the terms of the debate in a more humane direction, they must redefine the word "immigrant" in the popular consciousness; and, in doing so, they can rebrand themselves as the pro-immigrant party in a way that will reach out to religious voters....
On what do they base this assertion? I have heard this stated over and over but I see no evidence that it contains that most excellent of qualities...truth.

If anything I think Mr. Tancredo and the Minutemen have been validated in a big way. I quote..."we no longer think of Ellis Island; instead we think of an illegal climbing a fence from Mexico." That sounds like a win to me, what am I missing here?

Oh, and by the way MSM asshats, the phrases "anti-immigrant" and "pro-immigrant" are only adding to the eventual backlash, no really!

Also, being amoral scumbags this prolly ain't apparent to super craniums such as yourself, but I think you may just be surprised how law and order many religious voters are.

With all due respect guys, an overwhelming number of Americans are looking for the border to be closed, don't like amnesty or rewarding lawbreaking and simply want the law enforced. All the whining and puling in the world won't chnge that basic fact. And if you think the Dems are going to ride this to electoral victory you might just be right. It will require one thing and one thing only...

A spine!

One final thought, is there something particularly tasty about illegal aliens' genitalia? Because the MSM just can't seem to get enough of fellating these folks, perhaps there's a minty freshness I'm unaware of?

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