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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

We Love Tom!

Source: Newsmax

Tom Tancredo was on Neil Cavuto's Your World today. Unfortunately for the open borders crowd he continues to make a whole hell of a lot of sense...
Cavuto asked if Tancredo had any plans to in any way legitimize the millions of illegal immigrants already in the U.S., and Tancredo replied, "Absolutely not."

"What would you do" about them, Cavuto asked?

"First of all, here's a radical proposal ... I know some people are going to suggest is just impossible ... how about enforcing the law?" he asked rhetorically.

"How about actually enforcing the law that today is on the books that says, 'Employer, you can't hire people who are here illegally.'

"The borders? They should be secured, we simply choose not to enforce those laws. If you enforce the law - especially with regard to employers - you immediately begin to deal with the issue of how many are here, because millions will go home," he said.

"If you cannot get a job here because you are not in this country legally ... you go home. Those that don't, you deport. Why? It's the law," Tancredo added.
It's the law? What sort of crazy talk is this? We can't have people suggesting that there is a solution to this. The open borders crowd hasn't quite convinced everybody that deportation and enforcement is impossible.

A nation of laws, I kind of like the ring of that. It seems to have some heft to it.

Tancredo/Sensenbrenner 08?

H/T RedSky

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