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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Gun Totin' Liberal: On Fire!

I love this guy! And I think he's absolutely right on this one, rightie blogs will link this article, not because he's bashing the left but because he's telling a hard truth and doing it with style!

My fave...
I guarantee you, this post will gain inbound links from the right-wing bloggosphere, and the GTL will be de-linked by left-winged bloggers. All it takes from the Liberal bloggosphere is one, single, out of step from the DNC talking points memos post to lead to this treatment. And there’s something inherently wrong with this picture, is there not?
Yes there is. It reminds me of those who find out I'm a minuteman and instantly decide I'm a racist. They don't know me, they don't know anything about me, but to them I'm a racist, thus proving their own judgemental nature much more admirably than any aspect of my heart.

Blog on brother, we don't always agree but I love your passion!

Oh, and 80 WPM? Damn! I mean MJ does 90+, but for us normal non-mutant folk...Damn!

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