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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Proud American?

It seems every time I turn around the definitions of perfectly good words and phrases gets turned on it's head. I Am An American is a new site that seeks to...

peacefully break down barriers, to participate and affect our respective communities in a meaningful way. Think outside the box. We don't all speak perfect Spanish, if at all, we don't all practice the Catholic faith and you cannot always identify us based on our appearance. Dare to think beyond these conventional labels and images! Understand that we care deeply about our families and neighborhoods. We take pride in who we are, and where we come from. We love our country, we are proud to be American.

Like many Americans, we too are frustrated by illegal immigration. For decades, our nation has been dependent on illegal labor, people from other countries to keep our economy stable. Current immigration laws have been crippling and have in the end failed us all. Listen, seek first to understand, learn lessons from the past.
Um, okay, so the first step in being a "I AM An American" member is to acknowledge that illegal immigration is just hunky-dory?

Sounds like your typical race baiting BS to me, but wait, there's more...(some light Fisking may occur)

Proud American Campaign

Reasons to Support Comprehensive Immigration Reform

1) We are Americans, and we believe in the American Dream and opportunity for all who are working hard to make a better life for themselves and those they love. Like most American's, many of our family members are and were immigrants.

We are pro-illegal, knock me over with a feather.

2) The system is broken and we need a new system.

I wonder what your suggestion will be, the anticipation is killing me!

3) We understand that we must work with the federal government to address illegal immigration. We seek a compassionate, fair approach. We cannot support unrealistic measures that would return our family members, friends and colleagues back to their country of origin. There is no lasting value in separating families, many of whom were recruited to the United States to complete a job.

Unrealistic, or unpleasant? I'm shocker really that you "don't support illegal immigration" unless that impacts a family member negatively. No, really. Recruited? By whom, and why isn't that person in prison?

4) It is estimated that over 8 million unauthorized workers are employed in diverse sectors, from hospitality, construction, and agriculture to name only a few. It is also estimated that these workers contribute over 8 billion dollars to social security on an annual basis.

Yay! Illegals are the best!

5) Immigration influx is simple economics, supply and demand. It is estimated that 12 million undocumented people live within our borders. Therefore, we must genuinely create a legal way for foreign workers we depend on to enter our country legally. It works to everyone's benefit to know who is in the United States. This will help to keep our borders secure.

Yes, it is supply and demand, and since y'all have flooded this country with cheap labor let me suggest a different approach. Why don't we deport like mad until the market is forced to pay decent wages. We need another slave pipeline every bit as much as we need illegals, not.

6) For decades, it has been against the law to work here illegally; ironically, it has not been illegal for business to hire a worker without legal status. Nevertheless, we do not support unfair employer sanctions that will further complicate this issue. We understand that a reasonable and fair worksite enforcement system must be sought in order to reach comprehensive reform.

This is just silly, it's always been against the law, people have been prosecuted for it. This is just another typical pro-illegal site, a little better done than usual, but SSDD. From the testimonial section:

I've been in this country and this city since 1978. I have a 28-year old daughter who was born here. I am more native to Atlanta, GA. than most people around me. I got my Permanent Residency via the legal channels, because I had the education and technical expertise to motivate a company to sponsor me. Anybody who says every immigrant who comes to this country must do so legally, is either deeply ignorant of how the low-skilled job market works, or is a hypocrite. Anybody who says we live in a nation of laws and undocumented workers deserve punishment for breaking Immigration laws, is definitely a hypocrite; nobody can be so ignorant of how real life works. For years friends and loved ones have encouraged me to apply for citicenship; what they couldn't achieve, the lower House of Congress did when they passed that ridiculous law that makes breaking Immigration law a felony. I'm going to vote in the next elections, and all the ones after that. And I will never forget. It is time for politicians to know that from now on, there is a heavy price to pay for pandering to xenofobes to win votes. It is time for regular Americans to know that we are not the enemy; we are the new blood that helps keep America vibrant. America changes immigrants more than immigrants change America. For the better.
He's such a good American now he can't wait to fill this country with more ILLEGAL ALIENS. Nicely done asshat, you are all the proof I need that perhaps we don't need any more of your kind, what kind is that? Those who came here to treat this country like an ATM, who treat this land as though it existed solely for their convenience. Close the border and shut down all immigration legal and illegal until people remember that coming to America is a privilege not a right. We aren't obligated to take one person, ever, I realize that sounds crazy, but it's true. It's time to remind people that they need us a whole world more than we need them. I have to wonder about this from assmanster above...

America changes immigrants more than immigrants change America. For the better.
Is that true? Because if it were I think somebody would step up and say the adult thing. What is that? "No matter how much I want my brother/sister/mom/dad/ uncle/aunt/grandma/grandfather/grocer/dogwalker/yoga instructor to come to this country, maybe it wouldn't be the best thing for America.

But no, all we ever hear is, "Illegal immigration and out of control immigration is bad, so let' start cracking down as soon as I import every person in the village I abandoned to come to this country."

Do I understand the instinct? Sure, but it's time for people to be citizens of THIS country and that might just require sacrifice. And if the price is too high, you can always go home.

H/T Lonewacko

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