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Monday, May 08, 2006

Let's Do The Timewarp Again!

It's just a step to the past...

Found in comments here, from an post on illegal immigration from April 12, 2005...(goofiness bolded)
For that "uninformed idiot who can't shut his mouth and needs to stay out of the way"(Andy Price)and Joyce, who feels it is necessary to start a protest to get noticed, I have a few things to say. You bunch of pendejos are the ones who are uninformed. If ONLY illegal immigrants decided to go on strike for one day, ONE FREAKIN'DAY, the whole economy would suffer greatly and all of you would come crying to us to get back to work. And for Jim, would you still prefer to buy a head of lettuce for five dollars after YOUR ASS would be the one having to pick it up from the DAMN field? I don't think so. You all need to get FUCKIN' INFORMED and wake up to reality. How the hell are you going to ban ALL IMMIGRATION? In case you haven't heard FUCKER this is a land of immigrants illegal and legal. This country relies on illegal immigrants because they're the only ones willing to do all the heavy work for the small pay-all the dirty work that your LAZY ASSES aren't willing to do. Whoever else has a coment can just send it my way.
Posted by: Gloria on April 12, 2005 12:24 PM
Hmmm, seems that was tried and fizzled Gloria, got any other BS threats you want to trot out now sweetie?

Thought not!

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