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Monday, May 08, 2006

I Wonder How He Really Feels?

Source: RCP

Telegraphing. I'm sure you've heard the term before, it indicates giving away your intent, either with intent to do so, or by accident. Michael Barone has an incredibly slanted piece up over at Real Clear Politics today.

The juicy bits...
On immigration, there are some politicians, of both parties and on both sides, who are visibly acting out of conviction. And not just the noisy immigration restrictionists, like Rep. Tom Tancredo, who wants a border fence.
Noisy. Immigration. Restrictionists. Like Tom Tancredo? Is it just me or do almost catch a hint of what this guys thinking here?

But wait, there's more...
These conviction politicians include Sens. Edward Kennedy and John McCain, who favor relatively generous guest-worker and legalization provisions, and Sens. Jon Kyl and John Cornyn, who favor a less generous version. Add to this list George W. Bush, who seems poised to take an unusually active role on the issue.
Paging Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard, Dr. Sharp! Let's review, Tom Tancredo, who has stood on principle for years on this issue is a "noisy immigration restrictionist," however, Edward Kennedy is described as acting on his convictions?

Is he kidding? What's the date, nope, it's not April first. Hmm, I read that line and realized this guy is either brain damaged or stupid. Hard to say which, but when any human being on the planet refers to Ted Kennedy as a man of conviction I find myself reaching for a medicinal scotch and a Thai hooker to ease the pain, from the cognative dissonance such a statement sets up.


Of course he then compounds the idiocy by suggesting John McCain is amongst the angels on this issue. The minor detail that he is beloathed by a vast majority of the base carries no weight, nope, since Mr. McCain seeks to stock our country with millions more illegal aliens he must be acting from the highest convictions.

And of course the President, the last poll I saw suggested a healthy 26% of all Americans agreed with his handling of the illegal immigration issue. Is that reason enough to break out the champagne?

TED KENNEDY! My god, it just won't process!

Can you smell the desperation?

Keep pounding folks, when elite asshats like Mr. Barone here spew this sort of nonsense you know they've found their pecker in the closing door and are squeezing out bricks as the squeaky hinges announce their impending doom.

What can you do to keep Mr. Michael Barone spewing this sort of ridiculous nonsense?

So glad you asked...



It's vitally important that we keep up the pressure, if for no other reason than for entertainment purposes.



Mr. Barone recently did a piece on some breakdowns in polling on the illegal immigration issue suggesting that the South was "restrictionist" and the Southwest wasn't. He has printed the letters he received here and takes quite a beating. Enjoy!

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