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Monday, May 08, 2006

Hugh Hewitt Is A What?

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Earlier today I posted a piece questioning Michael Barone's parentage, mental acuity and his fitness to continue wasting perfectly good oxygen that could be used for someone who cares about this country. Hugh Hewitt weighs in and reveals his ignance and dare I say, gives us a peek at his ample ass...
And if business really wants an assured supply of labor, it has to realize that the high fence-wide gate approach is the best path to that goal.
You'll note there's a word carefully missing from this statement. Can you guess what it is?

It's a trick question! It could be either A.) Illegal, or B.) Cheap.

Tell ya what Hugh and Mike, let's have enforcement first for, oh I don't know, how about five years and then we can talk about everything else.

And if business wants continued access to cheap slave labor here's my answer to them.

"You are more than welcome to get the hell out of this country, but if you do you won't be allowed to do business here!"

Seems more than fair to me.

What say you?


The Glittering Eye agrees with me.

Blue Crab Boulevard agrees with enforcement first but is more willing to make a deal.

CommonSenseAmerica agrees with me.

A Certain Slant Of Light
says enforcement first, then we can talk.

Austin Bay disagrees with me.

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