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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Gutierrez for Mayor?

From the Chicago Tribune:

U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez said he would love to have the city's top job and laid out issues that could be the centerpiece of a campaign for mayor while insisting Monday that he hasn't decided whether to run.
Great. Just great. One of a handful of politicians who loves illegals even more than Mayor Richard "Sanctuary City" Daley is my own RPW (Race Pandering Whore) congressman, Luis Gutierrez.

A man who called me (his constituent) "the enemy" in a room crowded with illegal aliens.

A man who, after being elected repeatedly to serve the citizens of his district, continues to incite people in the country illegally to march for what they want from Washington.

A man who desperately blur the line between legal and illegal for political gain.

A man who I just can't respect.

Gutierrez, who is seeking re-election to Congress, said he will decide sometime between Labor Day and the November election whether to run for mayor next year. He said he will not run if he doesn't believe he would win.
The scary thing is that I think he'd stand a good chance of winning. He's a remarkably smooth politician, and one of the best speakers I've ever heard. I've met plenty of people in this city who think he's a wonderful guy, although when I press them to name something he's done that they approve of, they generally can't name a thing. He's perfected the political game: get people to think you're a wonderful guy without really paying attention to what you do.

I'll give him kudos for being smart and wily. But I'll never give him my vote.

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