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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Damn: Polls Show Bush Sucking Like Hoover On Illegal Immigration...

Among Conservatives!

Source: washingtontimes
Dissatisfaction with both Congress and President Bush is widespread and deep among conservatives, according to new polls that show Mr. Bush scoring startling low ratings on immigration in particular. Thirteen percent of respondents in a new Zogby Interactive poll approved of Mr. Bush's handling of immigration, and 9 percent approved of his handling of border security. Among conservative and very conservative people, he was below 25 percent.

He also said he had never seen any presidential ratings as low as Mr. Bush scored on immigration and border security. "Frankly, I think this comes under the column of piling it on," he said. "This is more than immigration, but translated, this is the next hot issue. This is what we're all looking at, paying attention to."

He said there are also some good short-term steps Mr. Bush could take -- including standing firm on his threat to veto the emergency war-spending bill if it comes in over his targeted dollar figure, and addressing immigration and border security. He said the Republican base is "very concerned" about getting something done on immigration. "The House moved, the Senate hasn't, and Bush has been a little ambivalent," he said. "The president should not have to be explaining to people he did not mean to imply he supported amnesty."

Bobby Eberle, president of GOP USA, a conservative Web site that regularly surveys thousands of conservatives, said he hears the same concerns. He said a recent survey of his members showed spending as the top cause of frustration among conservatives, and immigration as the second-ranking issue. Success with appointing judges was the top reason for satisfaction, followed by tax cuts.
On the one hand I don't want a president holding a wet finger into the wind, on the other some responsiveness to a clear call for change from the base would be nice.

This has already passed beyond the absurd, I just hope the Republican Party is ready for the ash can of history. Democrats, unfortunately don't seem to vote from a place of principles, conservatives do, I do, and I am seeing a lot of serious anger over this issue. The type of anger I'll wager existed at the founding of the Republican Party.

For some reason Democrats get upset when I point this out but, the fact is the republican Party is the party that ended slavery. So why is it so hard to imagine it being replaced by a newer more responsive party when it seems to have forgotten it's principles?

Both parties are played out, neither represents the people. How about some new parties and new blood. Sounds good to me.

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