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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

That's A Damn Good Point!

The Superfun Power Hour catches a major blunder today...

The Prez sez...
Fourth, we must face the reality that millions of illegal immigrants are here already. They should not be given an automatic path to citizenship. This is amnesty, and I oppose it. Amnesty would be unfair to those who are here lawfully, and it would invite further waves of illegal immigration.
In the news today...
The Kyl/Cornyn amendment would simply close the loophole and prevent any felon or criminal alien convicted of three or more misdemeanors from receiving the amnesty offered in the compromise bill.
As SFPH sez...So, good work, criminals won't be elligible for the amnesty offered....HUH...Hold on, back up a minute. The amnesty offered?? But you said....? Didn't Bush...?? Wow,

The cynicism here is stunning folks, government, can't live with it, can't shoot it!

Good catch SFPH!

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