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Friday, May 19, 2006

The Threats Continue

Source: msnbc

NOGALES, Mexico - Mexicans say it will take more than three layers of fence and 6,000 National Guard troops to keep them out of the United States.
As President Bush visited the stretch of Arizona desert Thursday that serves as a cactus-studded freeway for thousands of undocumented migrants, those preparing to make the perilous trip said they will find a way around almost any obstacle.

“We’ll go under it, we’ll go over it, we’ll go through the air, the sea or the earth, but they’re never going to stop us from crossing,” said Jesus Santana, a Tijuana truck driver who was caught trying to cross and deported.
This isn't admirable you know. This is a criminal telling you he's coming to rob your house and nothing you can do about it.
Mexico’s government has expressed concern about the wall and National Guard proposals, saying they aren’t the way to solve problems of border security and illegal migration north.

“Most countries want to bring their people together and tear down physical, commercial and cultural barriers,” presidential spokesman Ruben Aguilar said Thursday. “Anyone who proposes separating them is out of line. Walls are a sign of distrust, and that will never be the basis of a good friendship between two countries.”
I'm pretty sure this wasn't translated properly. Just to add another layer of absurdity to this absurdity sandwich, why doesn't Mexico do all the things you just said Senor Aguilar? Or is this only a one way deal where America gives and gives and continues to be shit on by Mexico?

It ends with this cheery thought...
“There will always be more people wanting to come,” he said. “It will always be like this.”
Can we pleeeaaase seal the border and allow Mexico to have the revolution they've been needing? Please?

H/T Beyond Borders

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