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Monday, May 15, 2006

When 's The Last Time...

You heard a musician (other than us) say something like this...
SULLY: My thing is… Listen, here’s my thing with the military. I’m not saying our government is perfect. Because I know that we make some mistakes and we do shitty things BUT, BUT. You wouldn’t have your job, and we wouldn’t have our lives, if we weren’t out there protecting this country so we could lead a free life. So there’s kind of a ying and a yang to that. Sometimes it’s not always the best choices that we make, or we stick our noses in other people’s shit, but at the same time, we protect this place enough that we’re able to like pursue careers and do what a lot of people in other countries aren’t able to do. They’re kind of picked and they’re chosen to be whatever they become… I’m, I’m, I’m proud to be an American, I’ll tell you that.
This is part of an ambush interview with two of the members of Godsmack. They allowed one of their songs to be used in a military recruiting video and have played several dates for the troops. In return they get chewed on by a piece of filth reporter.

Read it.

H/T Rightwingsparkle

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