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Monday, May 15, 2006

Ex-Squeeze Me?

Found in comments here.
I think a lot of this comes from the immigration issue. Dafydd touched on this in great detail in ealier posts but the majority of the US public doesn't want to hear it. Yet if we only build a wall and continue to make it almost impossible for Mexicans to come in legally to work (in whatever fashion) the pressures will undermine that wall - or they will come in around that wall (in boats) or tunnel under it.
Okay, work with me here. No matter how much Mexicans may WANT to come here, and it is a want, this idea that we must capitulate or they'll just come anyway is just flawed. They come now because we haven't said no in a serious way since when?

Do you even know?


I crap you negative. Think about it, illegal aliens have faced almost no barriers to coming, or staying in this country for fifty two years. Puts a little different complexion on it, don't it?

The anti-American operator of this blog says this in his post...
Just when I start to worry that Captain Ed has lost his political compass, drifting over into the Land of Futile Gestures alongside Rep. Tom Tancredo.
When "The Land Of Futile Gestures" is populated by an overwhelming number of Americans, what do you call it then? How about the land of "We're Elites And We Don't Give A Shit What You Want." Especially seeing as Tom Tancredo is one of the most popular congressmen going right now.

You know what I hear when I read this? "Whaah, I want illegals, I want open borders, I want countries to go away so me and my cronies can make even more money."

The operator of this blog is one of the "no borders" "Selling America One Illegal At A Time" types. Not especially beloved around these parts.

I genuinely hope people like this can reconnect with some vestigal love of their country, but I tend to doubt it.

There is a fundamental shift occuring right now, and I don't presume to know how it will shake out, but I will say this to our esteemed politicians: Start doing the right thing or hit the road.

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