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Saturday, May 13, 2006

A Big Steaming Cup...

Of who gives a rat's ass?

There's been a lot of breathless talk this week about what the President will say on Monday night. He plans to address the nation on his immigration plan. Here's a tidbit from the NY Post, a comment President Bush made yesterday...
"America has thrived as a nation because we've always welcomed newcomers who, in turn, embrace our values and our way of life," Bush said yesterday as he marked Asian Pacific month.
What this has to do with illegal immigration leaves this reader more than a little puzzled. The president has been more than clear as to his desires on this issue. Again from this article...

The House has passed an enforcement-only bill, but Bush's approach is much closer to the Senate plan pushed by Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), which sets a path to citizenship for illegals.

Whether the president favors "amnesty" or not, he does favor citizenship for the twenty (oh hell, let's assume it'll be 30-40 by the time he gets his thumb out and actually closes our excuse for a border) million illegals in this country.

But wait! There's more!
President Bush plans to call for troops and a high-tech "virtual" fence to beef up the border with Mexico when he speaks to the nation on immigration Monday night, sources said yesterday.
I want a "virtual fence" about as much as I want a prison style romantic encounter. To quote Hugh Hewitt today, when the president removes the real fence around the White House and replaces it with a virtual fence, then we can talk.

Oh, and as to "troops on the border?" Don't believe a thing until you see bases being built. A six month deployment will do exactly one thing, help for six months or whatever until they pull the troops off the border and we return to status quo ante.

As a special bonus to our faithful readers we will be live blogging the speech Monday and just to keep it fun we have developed a drinking game to go along with what I assume is going to be a pretty darn boring speech.

Tune in, I think it'll be a blast!

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