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Friday, May 12, 2006

Not Hopeful

Source: Foxnews
Bush to Address Nation Monday Night on Immigration (or, President Bush seeks to massage the issue and get us to go along with his plan to sell this country out)

During his address Monday, Bush will lay out an immigration proposal on how to deal with the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants currently living in the United States. The president has been a strong advocate of some type of guest-worker program, where immigrants would come to the United States to work for a few years — with the proper paperwork — then would have to return to their respective home countries at some point. Critics have called such a program nothing short of amnesty for people who are breaking the law.

Bush, who has called the immigration issue an "emotional debate," wants to provide immigrants the opportunity to get jobs Americans won't do on a temporary basis. The president says he opposes the idea of automatic citizenship but supports allowing an illegal immigrant to get in line and meet requirements for citizenship.
President Bush has been remarkably consistent on this issue. He has consistently: Invoked Strawmen; evasions; delusions; passing the buck; shown blatant contempt for the American people; shown his support for the United Economy of America; called those opposed to illegal immigration racists; presented a mixed/muddled message; shown contempt for enforcement; continued to insult all who fight for enforcement; defunded the border patrol; refused to enforce the border;

I could go on all day. The president has been remarkably plain and clear in his desire to put the desires of Mexico above those of Americans, there is no other way to read it, this is closely followed by his desire to sell this country out to the highest bidding big business. It's literally written in black white, and it makes me sad, I used to love this president, now I loathe him, I make no bones about it. I feel he has taken up the cause of a foreign country over the good of the very people he swore an oath to serve and protect.

There is nothing I hold more in contempt than this.

But the American people have been consistent as well...

Elites Vs. Schlubs; Bush sucks on illegal immigration; Poll -- poll Everywhere A Poll; Rasmussen Blogs On Immigration Polling; Conservatives still unsure on amnesty; Those darn polls; As they say in the 'hood; Compare contrast.

Again, I could go on all day. The info is there for anyone with the honesty to look at it. Something on the order of 75-80% of Americans are adamant about no Amnesty so, of course, we must have amnesty.

The President tells us it would be too expensive to deport, Mr. President it's our money you spend. Perhaps instead of funding another useless stupid porkbarrel project you could use the billions of wasted dollars in our budget to make this nation stronger?

But when you read this you realize how deep the corruption and stupidity in Washington goes...
Unable to control their colleagues, 35 senators signed a letter promising to support a veto, and the House of Representatives' leadership announced it would refuse to accept any supplemental exceeding the $94.4 billion target. Despite these positive signs in favor of spending restraint, some in the Senate want to concoct a face-saving deal with the president to sustain these wasteful proposals. Their plan: Shortchange the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan to preserve most of the pork.
I am not hopeful about Monday's speech, here are my predictions...

The president will open with TALK about the need for enforcement, even as he personally works against it on a daily basis.

The President will TALK about the need for an orderly system to welcome aliens into this country when the GAO has already asserted no such system exists, nor will exist in the forseeable future.

The President will TALK about guest workers doing jobs Americans won't do, while never mentioning how exactly we will determine the veracity of greedy ass business owner claims.

I expect a lot of TALK on Monday, and the level of action we've come to expect from Vincente Fox's butt buddy.

The only passion I've ever seen the President display on this issue is his desire to stock this country with millions more Mexicans and assorted other South Americans who will, we can only hope, turn the massive intimidation marches into a regular feature of the American experience, not to mention importing socialism, that winning philosophy making a big comeback amongst our southern neighbors.

The truth is the President has had 4 1/2 years to do something, anything about our southern border. Not only hasn't he done anything he's worked against securing the border in any meaningful way. The President has made his allegiance to Mexico perfectly clear.

Why won't Conservatives believe him?

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