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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Amnesty, Why?

The Dusty Inman Society blog has a good piece up today...
We are asked to believe that either we round up all of the illegals and get them out of the country by sundown tomorrow, or, that we wave the white flag of surrender, meet their demands and make them American citizens. Having falsely established those two limited choices, the illegal alien lobby then tells us that it is impossible to accomplish the former because it would be too expensive and we don’t possess the means to move millions of people.
Have you wondered about the desperation of politicians to pass an amnesty? I know I have, a possible answer dawned on me as I was reading this piece.

Politicians aren't actually stupid, businessmen aren't actually stupid, though both do an exellent impression on occasion. So why are they so bloody hot for yet another amnesty?

I think it's because they know two things, the first is that the American people are fed up with illegal immigration and are preparing to take this issue away from the chattering class (see the minutemen). Secondly they know a little history.

When the American people take illegals away from the slave holding class the next best thing is to maintain a pool of poorly educated, low skill foreign laborers in country for them to use as they will. Historically immigrants that fit this profile took much longer to integrate economically and socially.

Another example were the years following the civil war. Blacks begn moving North and getting good jobs, their former masters were furious. If they couldn't have their slaves they would settle for keeping the black folks in what amounted to slavery. Local Democrats refused to allow black folks to be educated and preferred to keep them near and cheap for decades.

What you're seeing today are the slave holding classes attempting desperately to prolong the slave trajectory as long as possible. If you're okay with this why don't you drop me a comment and explain yourself.

Me, I continue to be disgusted by the base venality and those in either party who would defend the indefensible.

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