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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

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Finally, for those who have been paying attention, it’s pretty clear (at least to me) that while Bush may claim to love America, he sure as hell doesn’t like Americans very much. As far back as 2000 he was blathering at the GOP convention about “welcoming the new America” (read: “old” America is over, what’s going to replace is it Hispanics, and I want to be the first president of the “new” America), his response to people who disagree with him is call them bigots and misogynists (see: amnesty and Harriet Miers), and on top of that we’re lazy ( “jobs Americans will not do”).

I guess that’s why Bush wants to import millions of foreigners. Being good, compliant little Bushbots is a job a lot of Americans don’t want to do anymore.

Comment by Gary — 05.10.06 @ 11:24 am

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